Scarlet Guards (Clan Blood Spirit)

Scarlet Guards (Clan Blood Spirit).jpg
Scarlet Guards
Unit Profile (as of 3072)
Nickname None
Parent Formation Omega Galaxy


Fought on Arcadia against Clan Star Adder's Mu Provisional Galaxy during the Burrock Absorption.[1]

They arrived in Barcella in 3070 led by saKhan Boques and Loremaster Campbell to assist Clan Fire Mandrill fighting against Clan Ice Hellion.[2] They then moved to Circe. Here they were engaged by Star Adder forces who inflicted heavy casualties on them. [3]

On 20th December 3071 the Guards dropped on to Paxon an engaged Clan Coyote over a former Clan Wolf BattleMech and ProtoMech factory. unfortunately during the fighting the Guards stumbled into a previously unknown Clan Diamond Shark civilian encampment accidentally killing over 600 people. The incensed Shark defenders launched themselves in to a three way fight, from which only two stars of Guard ProtoMechs survived. As they retreated the surviving Guards were cut down by half by the surviving Coyote warriors. [4]



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