Sea Mine


Sea Mines are designed to combat surface and sub-surface naval threats, although their use has declined in proportion to that of traditional water-based navies. Still, these mines can be found on water-rich worlds protecting offshore objectives from any potential threat, including submerged BattleMechs, using floats and anchors to rest on the water's surface, just below it or along the sea bed. Sea mines mainly come in two varieties, those which explode on contact with a significant mass or command-detonated mines similar to their land-bound cousins, with the Capellan Confederation adapting their Inferno Mines for maritime use in 3055. Most modern sea mines are designed to render themselves inert after a period of time for humanitarian purposes.[1][2]


Game Rules[edit]

Sea mines are deployed and detonated following standard rules, whether of the standard, command-detonated or inferno variety. Standard sea mines cause damage to any unit at their depth, including hovercraft and WiGEs if on the surface, while command-detonated sea mines cause an additional half-damage to units 1 Depth level above or below their current depth. Inferno sea mines can only be deployed on the surface and are ineffective if submerged.[2]


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