2nd Chesterton Voltigeurs

2nd Chesterton Voltigeurs
Unit Profile (as of 3029)
Parent Formation Chesterton Reserves
Formed 2890 (approximate)

The 2nd Chesterton Voltigeurs was formed around 2890 along with their two companion regiments from old soldiers of various Chesterton worlds then under the control of the Federated Suns.[1] The unit did not distinguish itself particularly over the ensuing years and was eventually destroyed on Tikonov during Operation Riposte.[2]


Second Succession War[edit]

In 2832 to 2833 the Voltigeurs went up against the Avalon Hussars during the defense of Tikonov and suffered heavy losses.[1] In 2850 the unit attempted to raid a supply depot on Axton losing several 'Mechs and gaining little.[1]

Third Succession War[edit]

Their best showing came while defended Tikonov in 2987 where they captured several Davion 'Mechs. After short tour on Westerhand the 2nd returned to Tikonov and to be used as a quick reaction force. [1]

Fourth Succession War[edit]

Defense of Tikonov[edit]

During the second wave of the attack on the Capellan Front the Voltigeurs defended the city of Ulan. There, apparently in defiance of orders, they exited the city and fought the 4th Crucis Lancers in the vast jungle surrounding the town. They lost both the city and their second and third battalions to the invading force.[2]

Attack of New Aragon[edit]

The Voltigeurs dropped south of Fort Ellison on New Aragon hoping to take what was thought to be a lightly defended fort and the warehouses it protected. They were met by the 1st Aragon Borderers who used ambush to make up for their inferior force. The Voltigeurs got within sight of their objective but last minute air assaults prevented them from reaching it. The Borderers regrouped and drove the Voltigeurs back to their rendezvous point but space assaults destroyed the DropShip support and the unit surrendered.[3]


As of 3025, the commanding officer was Colonel Paula Brighton Lannes.[1]


Composition History[edit]


2nd Chesterton Voltigeurs (3 Battalions/Regular/Reliable)[1]

  • CO: Colonel Paula Brighton Lannes
  • 1st Battalion – CO: Major Duncan Bleak
  • 2nd Battalion - CO: Major Pamela Cochraine
  • 3rd Battalion - CO: Major Ursula Inares

Unit Emblem[edit]

A mounted kettle drummer against a red field.[1]


The Voltigeurs are primarily a ‘Mech unit consisting of mostly Panthers and Thunderbolts.[1]


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