Secondary Power Supply


A Secondary Power Supply was a type of elective implant found only among the agents of the Manei Domini. They were used to augment the internal power supplies of standard prosthetic limbs and reduced the agent's dependance on biological power sources such as blood sugar to power implants. Consequently the agent was better able to utilize any enhancements to their body and suffered from fewer headaches caused by implant feedback. These implants were available to Manei Domini of all ranks.[1]


In RPG play a Secondary Power Supply is equivalent to a rechargeable 80-point High-Capacity Power Pack which is directly installed into a prosthetic limb. It also reduces an agent's need to take pain medication to stave off the chronic headaches associated with myomer implants to once every twenty-four hours. Multiple power sources can be installed, although only one per limb is allowed. In CBT play the implant has no effect.[1]


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