Security Robot (RPG)

Security Robot (Tracked).jpg
Security Robot
Production information
Manufacturer Free Worlds League
Mission Security
Type Humanoid
Technical specifications
Mass  ???
Armor Infantry-grade armor
Engine Fusion Engine
Speed .20 km/h
Crew None

2x Machine Guns

BV (1.0) N/A


Designed for interior security, the Security Robot was used to protect facilities belonging to the Free Worlds League. This unnamed type of Security Robot was created for anti-infantry usage. This model was known to protect atomic/fusion power plants and nuclear weapons stored inside Free World League military complexes.

The Kell Hounds mercenary company encountered this design in a raid on Castor in 3012. These particular machines were safeguarding a complex's nuclear arsenal, where MechWarriors from the Kell Hounds attempted to investigate the facility and stop the 13th Marik Militia's commander from acquiring those weapons. Air raids using LAMs disrupted the programming of the security bots, causing them to attack everyone they encountered.[1]

Weapons and Equipment[edit]

The Security Robot is armed with a pair of Machine Guns with 100 rounds of ammunition. The Robot is able to move two meters per turn. This model is designed as humanoid and it is equipped with arms and legs. The unit is protected by 30 points worth of infantry-grade armor both front and back of its torso, while its arms and legs are protected by 15 points.


Game Rules[edit]

This Security Robot was constructed for use in the MechWarrior, First Edition Role-playing Game system. Thus this unit is not meant to combat BattleMech scale size combatants. Being designed for the early game system, it may not be converted directly to new rules set found later editions of Battletech's role-playing systems such as MechWarrior, Third Edition and A Time of War.

Game Play[edit]

The Security Robot may move, fire its weapons, and do physical attacks may be conduced using the same methods used with Light BattleMech when facing a character using the MechWarrior RPG rules. The machine has the gunnery and piloting of 6, with these skills it also has dexterity of 12.[1]


As of this writing, there are no construction rules for this unit.


As of this writing, there are no record sheets for this unit. The image used for this security robot does not match stats and description given to this design.


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