Sentania Buhallin

Sentania Buhallin was a warrior and officer of Clan Jade Falcon during the Clan Invasion era.[1]


Described as a highly motivated and clever warrior throughout her long career, Sentania Buhallin would wind up a Star Captain in a solahma unit, ruefully claiming she was too clever to die in combat. Energetic and alert - especially for a solahma - and armed with a sense of ironic humor with regard to the universe in general, Sentania was also an accomplished escape artist and sneak. Her forays into the Smoke Jaguar capital of Lootera to assist Star Captain Horse while he was prisoner of Smoke Jaguar Galaxy Commander Russou Howell spoke equally well of her ability to slip into shadows as for her willingness to assist others, even at great personal peril. Of her appearance, Horse described her once as looking a lot like Joanna, but without any of the rage. In spite of her advancing age, he would later describe her simply as "beautiful".[2]

A Vow of Honor[edit]

At some unspecified point, possibly prior to Operation Revival, Clan Jade Falcon fought a Trial of Refusal against Clan Wolf. According to Sentania Buhallin, she herself was an officer involved with the Trial, as was a young Star Commander Aidan Pryde and his Star of warriors that included MechWarrior Horse. When a Clan Wolf Dire Wolf had Sentania's Mad Dog on its back after an exchange of fire, Horse piloted his Summoner in between, firing all weapons and destroying the Wolf OmniMech. After the battle, a gracious if cautious Buhallin swore an oath in honor of Horse having saved her life.[3]

At Falcon Eyrie[edit]

Many years and battles later, a Union class DropShip carrying now-Star Captain Horse's Trinary, the Khan's Irregulars, was shot down over Huntress while travelling en route to Falcon Eyrie, a scientific enclave in the Eastern Mountains. Sentania Buhallin was there to see it happen and crept close to get a better view of events, staying out of the sight of the Smoke Jaguars, who were around in force. She had a habit for wandering alone outside of the small Falcon research enclave to which she had found herself assigned, traveling as far as the streets of Lootera, Clan Smoke Jaguar's capital city. She then followed Horse and company into the compound in which the freeborn warriors were to be held, having drifted into the group of detainees without being noticed by the Jaguars. After discussing the situation with Horse, and assuring him that she had a plan, Buhallin slipped back out of the facility. She would make several more treks to and from Lootera, easing Horse's discomfort somewhat with her presence.[4]

On one occasion, she talked Horse into taking advantage of the unique situation to take a closer look at the Jaguars. Together they infiltrated the Jaguar genetic repository, where Sentania showed Horse a room containing a copy of the genetic legacy of Aidan Pryde. After Horse raised the attentions of the Smoke Jaguar Chief Geneticist, called the Keeper of the Jaguar Kin, and subsequently killed him, Buhallin covered his tracks in order to hide their crime. She finally brought together the plan (with the aid of Peri (Watson)) to rescue Horse from his fate with the Jaguars. Utilizing two prototype dual-cockpit LAMs from the Falcon Eyrie, Buhallin won a Trial of Possession for the legacy of Horse, or more precisely, his Codex. She deftly piloted a Phoenix Hawk LAM, defeating Galaxy Commander Russou Howell, as well as Horse, whom Howell had bid into the sudden Trial. With this victory, Horse was again a Jade Falcon, and soon Sentania would also help Horse to free the rest of his Trinary and their 'Mechs on a jail break days after the Trial for Horse. The two also shared a romantic tryst before parting ways, with distinctions of birth and caste forgotten between the two Jade Falcon warriors.[5][6]


Some sections of Freebirth state that Sentania Buhallin held the rank of solahma Star Captain, while others state that she was a Star Commander.


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