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SeraVideo Entertainments Incorporated is a consumer electronics company in the Lyran Commonwealth.[1]

Company Profile[edit]

Commonwealth Stock Exchange Symbol: SerVid

Home Office: Stevensville, Tharkad

President/CEO: Graf Richard F. Evans III (3025)

Graf Kerstan Evans (3067)[2]


SeraVideo is one of the largest manufacturers of consumer electronics in the Lyran Commonwealth. Their particular focus is on video entertainment centers and music reproduction equipment. They also make equipment for radio and video stations across the realm. In addition, they have participated in competitive bids for military contracts with the LCAF. Yulers Electronics is one of their major competitors.

As of 3025, they held 22 factories on the worlds of Tharkad, Donegal, Skye, Bobruisk, Bolan, and Chahar.

In 3067 the company had 31 factories in ten Commonwealth systems, and as a result of the Federated Commonwealth, they had five more factories in the Federated Suns. In addition they recently purchased their long time rival Yulers Electronics, which provided them with the opportunity to become one of the LCAF's largest conventional communication repair and service contracts. With this in mind many observers expected SeraVideo to become one of the Commonwealth's largest powers in conventional communications.[3]


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