Sergio Ortega

Sergio Ortaga
Affiliation House Ortaga
Governor of Mirach
Children Dale Ortega
Austin Ortega

Sergio Ortega (b. 3??? - d. 3???) was once a distinguished MechWarrior in service to The Republic of the Sphere until he became Governor of Mirach. With governorship, his philosophy has changed over time from solving issues with violence, to solving issues through diplomacy.

Character Biography[edit]

Sergio piloted a Centurion BattleMech with Devlin Stone and the forces of The Republic. With his loyalty and tactical prowess that he showed, he was offered to become the governor of Mirach. He also has some political clout within The Republic, he was able to speed up the time for his son to gain his citizenship.[1]

During the coup that was to overthrow his rule as governor, he allowed himself to be captured without any resistance. The reason that he let himself get captured, was because he had a plan which was to bring the rebellion to an end without any blood being spilt with himself still in control of the planet.[2]

Due to his bias against fighting of any form. He argued with his son on what won the day for Mirach. Austin believed that the modified IndustrialMechs persuaded the Home Guard to surrender while Sergio believes that Austin's reasoning with the soldiers broke their spirit to disobey Elora's orders.[2]


Sergio Ortega, when he was a soldier fighting for Devlin Stone, piloted a Centurion.[3]


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