Serpent siren

Serpent Siren[edit]

The Serpent Siren is a mythical creature said to inhabit the waters of Towne. Well over a hundred unconfirmed sightings have been reported over the years, with at least one sighting producing some fifteen independent eyewitness accounts.

As the serpent siren has not been proven to exist, it has no official habitat within the ocean. The largest Serpent Siren sighting suggests the waters to the south of the Stygia province, just outside of the port of Trascio by Tauranian-Hyborian Metals mining platform C110, as one possible habitation zone.

The animal itself is most commonly described as green as well as "[v]aguely resembling the mermaids of Terran legend, but with long, snake-like tails rather than aquatic fins". According to myth, they are said to have underwater cities approximately five hundred kilometers from the shore of Hyboria; no human has ever claimed to have seen such a city first hand.

In 3035 an expedition cast off to find evidence of the Serpent Sirens. Despite spending several months at sea, no traces were found. Academic debate continues in the local university, fueled by low-quality photographs and holos.


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