Shanna del Rey

Shanna del Rey
Affiliation Free Worlds League Military

Character History[edit]

Shanna del Ray (b. ???? - d. ????) was an officer in the Free Worlds League Military during the late thirtieth and early thirty-first centuries. In 3018 del Ray was a MechWarrior in the Perth River Strike Battalion, the third battalion of the First Marik Militia when the battalion took part in a famous battle, the Battle of Skada Ravine.[1]

The Battle of Skada Ravine took place on Megrez, one of the planets on the border between the Free Worlds League and the Lyran Commonwealth. Megrez was a routine garrison assignment for the First, up until the planet was subject to a major assault by the Lyran Commonwealth Armed Forces. Del Ray piloted an Orion during the battle, and was responsible for defeating three LCAF 'Mechs that had flanked the Battalion, a pair of Griffins and a Stinger. Del Ray became an overnight vidtape legend as a result of her ability to spin homespun homilies about the battle, and went on to take command of the Battalion from the officer who had commanded it during the Battle of Skada Ravine, Marcus Radatz.[1]

Del Ray continued to progress up the ranks within the FWLM; in 3025 she was serving as the commanding officer of the First Marik Militia.[2]


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