Vessel Profile
Type JumpShip

The Sharuq was a JumpShip of unspecified class that had brought the 4th Skye Rangers to the Hesperus system during the Third Skye Rebellion in mid-3065.

It is implied that the entire regiment was brought by this (single) JumpShip; their DropShips were observed to be "mostly spheroid Unions and Overlords, with a few aerodyne Leopards in the mix", suggesting the Sharuq must have carried a relatively large number of DropShips and, by extension, that it was probably a Monolith-class vessel.[1]

On 2 July 3065 Leutnant-General William von Frisch of the 4th Skye Rangers sent a messenger DropShip on a high-speed burn from the surface of Hesperus II to the Sharuq with a datachip and orders for the Sharuq to immediately jump to the Skye system. (The message on the datachip was a request for reinforcements.)[2]


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