Sherman Maltin

Sherman Maltin
Sherman Maltin
Born 2994[1]
Died 3061[2]
Affiliation Taurian Concordat[1]
President of the New Colony Region[1]
Ambassador to the Magistracy of Canopus[1]

Sherman Maltin (b. 2994, d. 3061[2]) was a career diplomat for the Taurian Concordat, serving in the Ministry of Trade and Colonization.

Character History[edit]

Sherman Maltin's long years of steadfast and honorable service gave him a sterling reputation in both his nation and the Magistracy of Canopus to whom he had served as Ambassador under Jeffrey Calderon. In 3059 at the age of 65 Sherman was appointed to the post of President of the Colony Council governing the New Colony Region created by the Treaty of Taurus. Maltin was seen by the Concordat, the Magistracy and the colonists as a fair and impartial leader of great vigor. [1] Protector Jeffrey Calderon was due to attend a summit between himself, Magestrix Emma Centrella and Chancellor Sun-Tzu Liao on Detroit in late 3060;[3] the Magestrix was seeking to bring the Concordat completely into the Trinity Alliance, thereby giving the two Periphery nations greater say within the Alliance, tempering the calls for additional troops to further the Capellan agenda within the Chaos March. The attempted assassination of Chancellor Liao on Hustaing by the Blackwind Lancers prevented him from attending, but plans for the conference continued.[4]

With both Calderon and Centrella present on Detroit, President Maltin and a significant percentage of the Colonial Marshals took both leaders hostage and declared that the New Colony Region was an independent state.[4] The disputes that led to the declaration of independence were described by Emma Centrella in her memoirs as being, at heart, about taxes and the allocation of resources. The Magistracy and the Concordat evidently felt that as the home governments who had funded the New Colony Region, the resources on the new colony worlds belonged to them, but Emma Centrella and Jeffrey Calderon had attempted to ensure that the division of resources and taxes between the home governments and the source worlds was fair and equitable. A majority of the colonists felt differently.[5]

The daughter of the Magestrix, Naomi Centrella, successfully petitioned Chancellor Liao to launch a rescue mission led by herself, but the weeks it took to train the MAF/CCAF combined task force and move them to Detroit gave Maltin's forces time to dig in. When the task force landed in February 3061 they faced weeks of combat against the defending forces, and while the task force successfully rescued the Magestrix after the battle for Government House, Protector Calderon was killed in the crossfire. The repercussions of Calderon's death on Detroit were felt throughout all three nations; his death propelled the Concordat fully into the Trinity Alliance and left both the Magestrix and her daughter in Chancellor Liao's debt, resulting in few objections from either when the Chancellor drew MAF forces into his war against the St. Ives Compact.[4] The popular mood amongst the Taurians was that the death of the Protector was somehow the result of Davion machinations, with the newly-appointed Protector, Grover Shraplen, dismissing any suggestions that other parties such as the Capellans could've been involved and arguing that with President Maltin dead as well, there should be no further Taurian blood spilled over the region.[2]

Tensions in the region would continue to grow during the early rule of Maltin's successor, the Canopian-born Carver Trondel, and Trondel would ultimately lead the New Colony Region to independence in 3066 as the Fronc Reaches.[6]

Titles and Positions[edit]

Preceded by
President of the New Colony Region

Succeeded by
Carver Trondel


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