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BattleCorps Ship Profiles
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This summary article provides an overview of the "Ship Profile" type publications that have been published as exclusive content through the BattleCorps website.

Ship Profiles present one specific space ship and its crew during a given time period, including a rundown of the command, escort, gunnery and security staff, and brief dossiers on notable crew members in a similar fashion to BattleCorps Unit Digests and BattleCorps Stable Reports.

The list is sorted in ascending chronological order of publication. Articles are listed here with the exact same name as listed on BattleCorps, irrespective of possibly deviating names within the document proper or the name of the downloadable PDF file.

Note: The ship profiles incorrectly use mixed case for the ship registry (for example, Ths Repulse). The editors have corrected this in this article.

Ship Profile: THS Repulse[edit]

(11 November 2010) - BattleCorps Ship Profiles are gameplay aids designed to offer players possible game and adventure hooks set on or around historical WarShip, DropShip, or JumpShips.

Description of the Repulse, an Aegis-class WarShip in the Terran Hegemony navy while under the command of Captain Lindsay Rathbone between 2522 and some unspecified time after an incident in 2525. Includes brief information on the Repulse's attached DropShips (four Vulture-class vessels: THS Barclay, THS Grant, THS Boris and THS Earnestine) and aerospace fighter contingent as well as background information on six notable officers.

Ship Profile: DCS Galedon II[edit]

(08 January 2011) - A profile of the last of one of the great ships, just before its final battle.

Description of the DCS Galedon II, a Block II Samarkand-class carrier under Cho-sho Greg Hossu that was destroyed by the LCS Invincible during the 7th Battle for Hesperus II in 2853. Includes brief information on the Galedon II's aerospace fighter and DropShip contingent during the Hesperus campaign (three Achilles: DCS Katana, DCS Rapier and DCS Broadsword; one Mammoth: DCS Sabeeh) as well as background information for four notable officers.

Ship Profile: RWS Krait[edit]

(19 February 2011) - Matthew Hawk shows us one of the smaller WarShips of the Rim Worlds Republic Navy, from just before the Star League fell!

A former Terran Hegemony vessel sold to the Rim Worlds Republic, the RWS Krait, a Tracker-class surveillance vessel, was mothballed for a time but reactivated in 2764 and refitted to serve as an ambush craft. Unwilling to serve Stefan Amaris after learning of his actions, Captain Birch and his crew took the ship and disappeared into the Deep Periphery in 2769.

A pair of DropShips consisting of an Intruder and a Leopard CV (the RWRS Harper and the RWRS Pepperdyne) is named as the ones carried most often by the Krait.

Ship Profile: FSS Gray Paladin[edit]

(21 March 2011) - Craig Reed shows us one of the tools Hanse Davion used to accomplish Operation Rat

A Union-class DropShip modified to cargo hauler; operating under the guise of the cargo ship Star Mermaid, it is actually a spy ship with a crew of expert operatives collecting intelligence on Capellan worlds since 3026 (Operation Silent Lance).

Ship Profile: RWS Tadeo Amaris[edit]

(11 April 2011) - Craig Reed shows us the elite crew of a Rim Worlds commerce raider just before the fall of the Star League

An old Aegis-class cruiser (originally named SLS Athens) that was broken out of mothballs, refurbished, upgraded and presented to Stefan Amaris by Richard Cameron just before he ursurped the throne. The Tadeo Amaris raided Star League vessels until at least 2774. Its DropShip contingent consisted of the Achilles-class RWRS Saber, the Leopard-CV-class RWRS Crossbow and RWRS Longbow, and the Elephant-class RWRS Blackjack.

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