Shiro (Individual Kirishima-class WarShip)

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Vessel Profile
Type WarShip
Class Kirishima


The Shiro was one of the first two Kirishima-class cruisers to enter service with the Draconis Combine; manufactured in the shipyards above Togura, the DCS Shiro underwent trials in secret, entering service in mid-3058, well ahead of estimates. A sister ship to the Shiro, the DCS Urizen II entered service around the same time, having also completed her shakedown trials ahead of schedule, and the DCMS deployed the Shiro to the important Benjamin system.[1]

Two sister-ships to the Shiro and the Urizen II - the DCS Takashi and DCS Siriwan were under construction as the Shiro entered service,[1] but by mid-3059 the Shiro had been destroyed in action, fighting against Clan Smoke Jaguar in Operation BULLDOG.[2][3]


The Dragon Roars scenario pack confirms that a Kirishima-class cruiser was lost in action during Operation BULLDOG, but doesn't name the vessel concerned; the destruction of the Shiro was confirmed by the Catalyst Game Labs staff, but the post confirming the detail was lost as a result of a crash that wiped the BattleTech forums in 2011.


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