Shizue Pauletta


Shizue Pauletta (???? - Apr 3080) was a former member of the Armed Forces of the Federated Suns who was murdered in an anti-bionics hate crime in early April 3080.[1]


Pauletta served as an armored infantryman in the AFFS, and was fighting as a part of the coalition of forces assembled against the Word of Blake in Operation SCOUR when he suffered injuries that resulted in both of his legs and one of his arms being replaced with bionic prosthetics.[1]

Having mustered out of the AFFS Pauletta obtained employment as a teller working for the Potwin Bank and Trust financial institution on the world of Potwin in the Crucis March region of the Federated Suns. He was attempting to readjust to civilian life, but in early April 3080 he found himself being chased through the streets by a frenzied mob consisting of dozens of individuals inflamed with prejudice against him because of his visible bionic prosthetics. Either not knowing or not caring about Pauletta's military service and the cause of his injuries, the mob beat Pauletta to death in the street in what became the most visible sign yet of just how widespread prejudice against bionics had become, even in regions with no appreciable hatred of such prejudices.[1]

Having fought the Word of Blake during the Jihad, Pauletta was murdered as a result of the hatred the Blakists engendered towards visible bionics because of the high-profile use of bionics on individuals such as the Manei Domini.[1]


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