Sian Center for Martial Disciplines

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The Sian Center for Martial Disciplines, as befitting its location on the capital planet Sian, is amongst the most stringent military academies in the Capellan Confederation. Entrance for new applicants is dependent upon the patronage of a Sang-shao in the CCAF or a member of the nobility and a final assessment by the Maskirovka; only students who possess the correct political orientation and loyalty to House Liao are admitted. High standards are maintained for all attendees during their time in the SCMD: slovenly appearance, inappropriate behavior or any other character defects are grounds for reprimand, with second chances rarely given and only at the instructors' discretion. To help encourage the students to police themselves, any incident which causes political embarrassment (especially if it could have been prevent by the students themselves) will go on all of their permanent records, damaging their future career prospects.[1][2]

Military training at the SCMD is supplemented with courses in civic and military philosophies, and the Center's instructors are some of the best in their fields. Special guest speakers are also frequent; the Strategic Military Director personally teaches a three-week course on strategy and tactics, and even the Chancellor has been known to visit to observe and interact with students. Recruiters from Warrior House Imarra and the Death Commandos are also frequently sighted on campus, and deserving graduates may be recommended for the Sian University's Officer Candidate Program. Those who graduate in the top fifth percentile are given the honor of wearing a golden pin on their uniforms, signifying the Chancellor's favor, barring a political incident on campus.[1][2]


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