Sian Center for Martial Disciplines

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The entrance for new applicants are granted with the patronage of a senior officer in the CCAF (rank minimum) or one member of the nobility. The final word has the Maskirovka, even a recruit pass a education at a military school. Students must show they have the right political orientation and loyality to House Liao. Graduates are also allowed to enter the "High Path".[1]


The students receive only on chance for graduation. Any misbehavior, failed test and other circumstances mean exclusion from the campus. To prevent such occasion the cadets watch their ranks closely.[1]

Special Notes[edit]

What the NAIS is in the Federated Suns is the Center for the CCAF. It receives the best support that is available and even the royal family visit the campus. This reasons is responsible for the high rate for citizens how would enter this instituation. Political battles are common on the academy and the students are aware of the dangers.[1]


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