Vessel Profile
Type DropShip


The Sigrun was a DropShip of unspecified type. Context suggests it was capable of transporting at least two BattleMech companies.[1]

As of 3028 it was the command DropShip of Maria Morgraine, and was carried by the JumpShip Hath No Fury. By this time, the Sigrun was in a somewhat dilapidated state, such as having dead display screens and cabin bulkhead doors failing to function had having to be cranked open through manual override (then sliding shut again just fine).

The Sigrun took part in the battles involving Ryan's Rebels and a supposed Lyran supply depot on Toland on 13 November 3028.[2]


  1. The impression is given that the Sigrun was the only DropShip available to Maria Morgraine on Toland, yet her forces numbered at least two BattleMech companies.
  2. Unholy Union