Simon Lascher

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Simon Lascher was a MechWarrior Sergeant serving with the 71st Light Horse regiment of the Eridani Light Horse in the early thirty-first century. He participated in the attack against the 1st Ariana Fusiliers on Algol in August 3028.


Lascher commanded a lance of medium BattleMechs in the 71st. These included Paul Langley's Vindicator, Ted Cermac's Shadow Hawk, and the Griffin piloted by Jacob Engler.[1]

After landing on Algol, Lascher found his lance – minus Cermac's 'Mech – to be out of position by some 10 kilometers. He had his lance head towards the target spaceport, where he planned to rendezvous with the rest of the 71st. They were attacked en route by a pair of Capellan attack VTOLs, and sustained minor damage before shooting the helicopters down. The lance continued on until they found the port facility.[2]

Observing the fighting at the port, Lascher noticed that a pass off to the east of the installation seemed to be the Ariana Fusiliers' intended escape route. He decided to use the pass to approach the battle unobserved.[3]

Sergeant Lascher discovered a pair of Liao heavy 'Mechs standing guard in the pass – a Crusader and a Thunderbolt – and exploited their pilots' preoccupation with the main combat to move in closer. When a third Capellan 'Mech – a Trebuchet – entered the pass and sighted the three approaching Light Horse machines, the alarm was raised.[4]

In the exchange of fire that followed, Lascher and his two lancemates were able to destroy the Thunderbolt and disable the Trebuchet but it cost them Paul Langley, who died when his 'Mech's LRM ammunition exploded. Lascher and Engler drove the surviving Crusader back out of the pass and linked up with the 71st.

After a hard-fought battle with the 1st Ariana Fusiliers, Lascher was left to consider the destroyed Capellan unit's reputation as a "bad-luck command". He lost two of his lance's pilots on Algol, and so he did not ever want to meet a Liao regiment that viewed itself as "lucky".[5]


Simon Lascher piloted a Wolverine during the Algol operation.


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