Skirmisher is a battlefield role performed by certain models of 'Mechs, primarily those that are considered suitably mobile, armed and protected to directly engage with the enemy.[1]


Skirmishers are considered to be 'Mechs suitably adapted to a fluid combat environment, due in part to their weaponry, armor and speed, able to directly engage the enemy well enough to inflict appreciable damage. Their flexibility allows a battlefield commander considerable leeway when compensating for both tactical situations and local topography. They are often utilized as a partner to slower or lighter 'Mechs, engaging the enemy while the other unit manuevers to complete the mission. They are also assigned deep recon missions, where probability of return is too low to be acceptable for lighter 'Mechs.[1]

Though appropriate for break-through scenarios, when opposing an enemy closing in or conducting a siege, Skirmishers are not well-suited in direct assaults. Their firepower is lacking when engaging a defensive heavy or assault class BattleMech, especially closing over considerable amounts of ground. When used in such assaults, they must be supported by Snipers or Missile boats, and can generally then can take on a heavier target with ease.[1]

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