Skirmisher Elemental Point (CCG - Arsenal)

Rarity: Uncommon

Skirmisher Elemental Point


Mass: tons


Skirmisher Elemental Point CCG Arsenal.jpg
Unit - Battle Armor - Clan

Battle Armor (Activates, attacks, guards, and blocks like a 'Mech, and cannot attack or block alone.)

Jump (-1 attack: +1 initiative)

AP (Skirmisher Elemental Point deals +1 damage to any target other than a 'Mech.) Attacks or blocks at the speed of the fastest Omni 'Mech in the group accompanying it, if any. {T}: Deal 1 structure damage to a 'Mech that has damage counters on it. Use this ability only during your Missions phase, but not during a mission.

0 / 4 Illus: Sam Wood
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