Skondia Rangers

Skondia Rangers
Unit Profile (as of 3137)
Parent Formation


The Skondia Rangers were originally a part of the Republic of the Sphere military until 3135 when most of the Republic dissolved. The former Republic Militia became notable for their skills and abilities.

The Skondia Rangers joined other militia, mercenary, and other Para-military outfits to fight the Clan Wolf Invasion of Prefecture IX in 3137. General Bingham was put in charge of the coordination of the coalition force for the Prefecture. The Rangers were designated as a "Hammer" unit, to attack where Wolf invasions forces were fighting defending designated "Anvil" forces. The unit's experience with planetary assault was the primary reason they were chosen for this role.

The Rangers landed on Baxter in January 14th, 3137 to assist the Badger mercenary's Beasts Company to wipe out the last of invaders in that world's city of Overton.

In March 15th, 3137, the Rangers were partnered with the mercenary battalion the Wolf Hunters, and faced Clan Wolf Star Colonel Donovan's 328th Assault Cluster and 13th Wolf Guard. Following Colonel Kerensky's plan, the Rangers and the Hunters used tactical trickery to get Donovan to split his forces multiple times and was able take apart in Clan forces in piece meal.


  • Commanded by General Artor Bingham as of 3137.


Composition History[edit]

The Rangers consisted of a company of BattleMechs.[1]



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