Skye March Militia

Skye March Militia
Unit Profile (as of 3050)
Parent Formation AFFC
Formed 3035

The Skye March Militia was the brigade charged with defense of the Skye March in the short-lived united Federated Commonwealth.


Even prior the formal reorganization of the Lyran Commonwealth Armed Forces and the Armed Forces of the Federated Suns into the Armed Forces of the Federated Commonwealth, the Lyran Commonwealth began forming new march militia units, copying the approach that had worked well for the Federated Suns for centuries. These commands would function as second-line "mini-Regimental Combat Teams", composed of a single 'Mech regiment, two armor regiments and five infantry regiments, along with an aerospace wing. Each would each defend its own Polymorphous Defense Zone within a Theater, with the Theaters within a newly-formed March.[1] In 3035, the Accrington SMM would be the first Skye March Militia formed, seeing action in 3036 against the raiding 5th Amphigean Light Assault Group. Unfortunately, the result was a military defeat for the new march militia.[2] By 3039 four years later, the Accrington SMM was still the only formation of the SMM. Despite serving on a border world, they saw no action during the War of 3039.[3]

By 3050, all six march militias had been formed. Although much of the personnel had been drawn from throughout the Federated Commonwealth, a majority of the soldiers and officers were drawn from the Federation of Skye. Despite the best efforts of Archon Melissa Steiner-Davion and First Prince Hanse Davion, many of these commands nevertheless fell under the influence of Duke Ryan Steiner and the Free Skye Movement.[4] All six of the commands were considered green in quality by this time, with three holding a questionable loyalty rating.[5] The Skye March Militia were barely impacted by the Clan Invasion, and most of their commands were suspiciously quiet during the Second Skye Rebellion of 3056. With the formation of the Lyran Alliance in 3057, the Skye March Militia brigade was broken up, with most of its units distributed to the Freedom Theater Militia, with the exception of the Nekkar SMM, which became the sole command in the Skye Province Militia.[1][6]

Commands of the Skye March Militia[edit]




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