Skye Tigers Stables

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Skye Tigers
Colors/Badge Blue and Grey
Stable Profile
Experience Veteran
Rating B
Faction Affiliation Lyran Commonwealth
Units Used
BattleMechs 13 (3067)


The stables lost most of their influence after the assassination of Ryan Steiner, a great supporter.


Only after the fincanel investment of a wealthy business man saved the stable from ruin. Again on the road to success it takes a long run to earn the respect of the others again.



James Stroud was a former member of the Skye Rangers "Jerry" has lead the stable since 3057.[1] The stable is operated like a military unit.

Notable Personnel[edit]

  • Achillus St. John - A Lyran national who provided extensive information to the Word of Blake, which allowed them to destroy the stable.[2]

Tactics and Style[edit]


Game Notes[edit]


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