Skytower City

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Skytower City is a city located on the Luthien continent of Aichi, just south of the planet's equator and within the Buda Weapons Sector. Skytower City is the epicenter of a metropolitan complex with a population greater than 50 million.[1][2]

Surrounding area of Skytower City


The Buda Weapons Skytower is one of the complexes that gives the city its name. The city suffers from sinkholes.[2][3]


On March 14th 3074, the city saw a double-assault by first the forces of the Kokuryu-kai and, shortly following that, of the Word of Blake. The Loyalist forces attempted to defend the highly valued chief researcher of Buda Weapons, Hideoshi Yamika.[3]


  • The maps within Jihad Turning Points: Luthien appear to indicate the Buda Weapons Sector is located outside and just to the northeast of Skytower City. However, the "Light Machine" track on pages 10 & 11 indicate that Skytower City exists within the sector. It is the assumption that the maps intend to show two areas of interest (the city and the sector) as co-located; therefore, the hierarchy of the track is adopted.


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