Sniper (BattleMech role)

Sniper is a battlefield role performed by certain models of 'Mechs, primarily those that are relatively slow and armed with long-range, direct-fire weaponry.[1]


Snipers are BattleMechs associated with a specific fire-support mission on the battlefield, as characterized by the powerful long-range, direct-fire primary weapons. Though slow compared to the faster Skirmishers and Strikers, speed is not as much as a factor when used at a distance that protects them from the majority of counter-fire. Though this use of a protected position (also known as a "sniper's nest") is shared by the Missile boats, the two are differentiated by the latter's use of indirect fire weaponry. Since the Sniper cannot attack from a completely hidden location, it usually fires from woodlands or other partial cover. It is common to have Snipers protected from fast enemy units by Strikers or Brawlers.[1]

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