"Snow" was a 32nd Century Special Forces Intelligence Agent or Spy which appeared to be operating within the Republic of the Sphere.

Brief Description[edit]

She was a mysterious woman, whom works for an unknown intelligence agency.[1] She noted for being high-intelligence, prowess, sharp-tongued and Smokey gray eyes.[2] Her appearance something fools others, being skilled in disguises. In addition she is not considered to be beautiful. She have is a short; bulbous nose; having a stocky body; but is high-athletic despite appearing to be over-weight.

Snow appears to be part of a powerful intelligence network, which is able to place Data Cubes on board Clan Sea Fox CargoShip without being detected. She is trained in disguises, stealth, intelligence gathering, martial arts, fire-arms, and Interrogation. Noting she been trained for years to precisely, hit her targets with deadly precision.[3]

It is known (only to her) that she is originally from world of Talitha[4], where she escaped her life there. She considers her life on that world to be ugly and that makes slums of New Edinburgh like luxurious in comparison. Her mother had once told her she had singing voice that could wake the dead and kill them again. She uses the bad singing ability to good use, to distract people.[5]

Character History[edit]

In July 3134, Snow sends message to contact with Clan Sea Fox's Petr Kalasa, the ovKhan of Delta Aimag of the Spina Khanate fleet. The message sent via crystal data cube place in his placed mysteriously in his personal cabin. Suggesting that should he come to Adhafera, where she could give information that would effect his Clan. While he travels to Adhafera, she struggles to slip through the dark streets of New Edinburgh on Stewart. Trying elude Mark-Stewart Commonwealth's SAFE agents, which have wounded her. This delayed her meeting with Kalasa for three weeks.

She meets him in a run down restaurant named Dipson's Five and Dime Dinner. There after mentally taunting him playfully, she reveals to him the urgency of incoming invasion of Stewart by the Marik-Stewart Commonwealth. Petr goes to leave thinking its unimportant news, she tell him that after producing a new data cube she knows why Sea Foxes have come to the Prefecture. She then tells him that this invasion potentially could disrupt his Clan's business opportunities. She tries to convince him to have his Aimag to interfere with the invasion and that could be benefices assisting the Republic repulsing the invasion.

When Clan Sea Fox's Beta Aimag arrives, she went to ground and assumed role of a ancient hag. She then begins go lurking around the Beta's encampment on outskirts of City of Halifax. There she monitors the encampment trying to find additional information to strengthen her ability to convince Kalasa to aide the Republic. There she hears conversation between warriors on outskirts of the encampment. She hears mention of large Elemental named Corin mentioning Clan Jade Falcon. Determining she needs more information, she selects to try extract information from Corin. In days to come she stalks the elemental, attempting to seduce him. Only after drugging him in a bar, does she corners him and attacks him in rain on an abandon street. With cunning moves she manages to out fight him, with precision hit knocking him out. She takes him to place where she would drug him further and extract what he knows from him.

She meet him again in late August, in a "so-call" Canopian Pleasure Circus, she uses the venue to shock and show him that not everything is what it seems. Venue is disgusting to the Kalasa, but when he meets her she captivates him with her eyes and something of interested in to him. She again asks him to assistance in preventing the Marik-Stewart Commonwealth's invasion of Stewart. He rebuffs that he needs more in order to move. After exchange of worlds, she tells him that she may have someone from the Beta Aimag that knows of secret rendezvous with elements of the Clan Jade Falcon. This gets Petr's immediately attention, she continues that she believes the Falcon's have invaded another portion of the Republic, and Clarke's people maybe involved with Falcons. Snow is not sure why Clarke has not gone to gloat over making such a sweet deal with Falcons. Suggesting that there maybe more sinister plans coming from a secret encounter with Falcons. This nugget of information compels Petr to say he would indeed helping with prevention of the invasion sooner than he had thought. Snow is happy with though her mission almost fulfilled, but needs to get more evidence for him.[6]

In early September, Snow arrives at Petr's Command HQ vehicle in her sneak suit meeting with Petr. With her appearance, he finally realizes what kinda person she was despite her previous encounters with her. Petr's aide, Jesup is shocked by her arrival. In this meeting, both she and Petr began admire each other greatly, he showing his eyes and quite shared smile with her of something they could never have. There she presents the Corin, whom is now completely mentally broken. With this, she commands elemental by simple jester to submit his Battle Armor's ROM to Petr. The finally piece of evidence Kalasa needs to convince his superiors of Clarke's true ambitions. She gives him final smile of victory of finding the key piece of information convince his people to stop invasion while preventing Clarke destroying his Clan.[7]

In November, Snow sends one final crystal data cube, which she confirms that Marik-Stewart invasion had ended. She confirms that the Republic would indeed owe the Foxes for saving their world from being conquered. Also, she would owe Him a favor. She offered in her message to him, her services should he need her. He need only put name Snow among his contacts, that he would find a data cube waiting for him.[8]


  • Snow is not seen again, after Hunters novel.


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