Vessel Profile
Type JumpShip


The CIH Snowbird was a JumpShip in service with the Clan Ice Hellion touman. In April 3072 the Clan Ice Hellion Potemkin-class cruiser CIH Coterie and the survivors of Beta Galaxy were in the Deep Periphery awaiting any other survivors from the failed Operation ICE STORM when the Hellions found themselves the target of an attack by Zeta Galaxy of the resurgent Clan Burrock.[1]

Gathered at DS-822, a waystation star on the trade route between the Clan Homeworlds and the Inner Sphere maintained by Clan Diamond Shark, the small Ice Hellion fleet had Zeta Galaxy arrive unannounced and nearby. The HPG transmitter on the Coterie had been destroyed, leaving the Ice Hellions unaware of the ongoing situation in the Homeworlds; as a result, the fleet was completely unprepared when the Burrocks launched a ferocious attack. Two of the five JumpShips within the fleet, the Snowbird and the CIH Glacial Calm, managed to escape, eventually reaching Hector in December 3072; the other three ships were lost or destroyed. The Coterie also managed to escape but at the cost of a damage KF-drive, arriving at a system unmarked on the various Clan star charts.[1]


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