Vessel Profile
Type WarShip
Class Soyal


The CCS Solstice was a member of the Soyal-class of Heavy Cruisers constructed by the Delhi WarShips.[1] Which the ship was part of a limited order of ships placed by the Capellan Confederation.

The only notable action was in the defense of the world of Second Chance in early 2787. Part of the Commonality Squadron, the ship was assigned to escort the Battleship CCS Mica Liao and her task force of DropShips and attached Aerospace fighters. They were jumped by a naval Task Force from the Free Worlds League's FWLN Second Fleet sent to invade the system. Having alerted by early warning station of the League task force of three WarShips and it task force of attached aerospace assets making burn in system. Solstice's task force plotted and executed a in-system jump from Second Chance's Zenith Jump Point to a pirate point near where the League forced were burning into systems.

Solstice would be ship to claim kill for the League, where it's Mass Driver would destroy the Vincent-Class Frigate FWLS Ospina with one shot. The League forces would assign their surviving Vincent, the Otvanlo and squadron of attack DropShips to harried large heavy cruiser. The small corvette and task force would manage to evade the Solstice's mass driver twice before getting into the ship's vulnerable aft section and ravaging it's armor plate.

The battle would turn against the Capellans as the Aterus-Class Battleship, Sorunda, manage to win it's duel with the ancient Liao Battleship. Isolating the Solstice and leaving it focus of the League efforts finish off the Capellan Naval forces.

Determined to fight till the end, the Captain of the Solstice would have his missile crew use Alamo Nuclear missile and try take as many of the enemy with them as form payback for the destruction of Mica Liao by nuclear armed fighter squadrons from the Solunda. The ship would take out two DropShips with's deadly nuclear weaponry before being crippled by the combined fire from the League forces. The ship would end up exploding after being demanded to surrender to Free Worlds League.

With the defeat of the Capellan Naval forces, surviving officials on Second Chance would end up surrendering after brief bombardment from orbit by League vessels.[2]


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