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Space Stations are (semi-)immobile facilities in space that fill many roles including zero-g production, habitation, and even defense. Many space stations orbit planets or moons, and can be categorized into several groups including low-orbit, geosynchronous-orbit, or stable-point.[1] Others are deep-space stations far from any planetary body; this is particularly true for recharge stations at jump points.

Recharge Stations[edit]

One notable subtype of space stations in BattleTech is the Recharge Station concept. Recharge stations deploy a jump sail much like JumpShips do, and store the energy collected from the sun in energy storage banks. They can transfer this energy to the Kearny-Fuchida Drives of JumpShips through direct-link cable connection or by beaming it to the JumpShip, thereby recharging the JumpShip's drive much faster than the JumpShip could via its own jump sail; in this fashion the recharge station can cut short the usually week-long recharging process, greatly improving the efficiency of JumpShips.

Space Station Production[edit]

Brand Planet Company
BattleSat Luthien BBP Industries
Capitol Galax Federated-Boeing Interstellar

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