Sparkling Spirits Incorporated

Sparkling Spirits Incorporated

Sparkling Spirits Incorporated is a water purifying business in the Draconis Combine[1][2].

Company Profile[edit]

Home Office: Kooya, Huan[1][2]

President/CEO: Count Kahei Tsuki (Circa 3025),[1] Tozama Daumyo Vikram Lafyette (Circa 3067).[2]


Founded by Patel Tsuki, Sparkling Spirits has been in operation for over 200 years in the water purification business, also producing wines as well as bottled spirits. Control of the company in the water resource poor Succession War era brought the Tsuki family great wealth and political influence in the Royal Court on Luthien, influence the family relied upon to avoid nationalization of the company and its increasingly vital products as the conflict dragged on. In 3025 another round rumors began to spread that the Interior Minister of the Combine was looking to dissolve Sparkling Spirits, though it was unknown if this was an actual desire to terminate the company or to make the Tsuki family grovel even more before Coordinator Takashi Kurita.[1][2]

The influence of House Tsuki and their control of Sparkling Spirits came to an end following the attempted assassination of Coordinator Theodore Kurita in 3058 after the Internal Security Force discovered ties between the Tsuki family and the Kokuryu-kai. The Coordinator deposed the family in 3060, stripping them of their titles before having them executed. With Sparkling Spirits finally nationalized, the company has seen record-setting profits. [2]


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