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Ign-guides spidermech.png
Production information
Manufacturer Word of Blake
Class Colossal
Cost Unknown
Technical specifications
Mass 100+ tons
Chassis Unknown
Armor Unknown
Engine Unknown
Speed km/h
BV (1.0) N/A
BV (2.0) N/A

The Spidermech (official designation unknown) was a colossal class hexapod BattleMech, which was developed using unreported Clan technology. It was used by the Word of Blake in order to defeat a Wolf's Dragoons squad on the Draconis Combine planet Thestria. Only one has ever been known to be manufactured, which was destroyed.


The main weapons on this 'Mech are two Plasma PPC's attached to its head. They differ noticeably from standard PPC's because they can continuously fire at the target. The 'Mech also mounts two huge LRM clusters on each side of its torso. It is unknown whether or not other weapons are carried, or even if variants exist. This BattleMech can often use its legs to stomp 70 ton enemies as well.


Weight is estimated to be over 100 tons, but its ability to crush heavy 'Mechs, such as the Vulture, using only its legs, tends to tell us the 'Mech in question may be around the 150-200 tons. Regardless, it is just slightly taller than the Atlas. This 'Mech is extremely resilient, and uses unknown armor technologies that enable it to deflect almost any kind of laser or ballistic weapon. Its weakest point is said to be the tip of its legs, which makes it very susceptible to take critical damage in a mine field.


The exact inventor of this 'Mech is unknown, although the Word of Blake is said to know more about it than the ComStar databases.