Spirit in the Sky

Spirit in the Sky
Vessel Profile
Type WarShip
Class Liberator
Previous classes Avatar


The CCS Spirit in the Sky was a Liberator-class heavy cruiser and in 3061 was a part of the Clan Coyote touman, assigned to Epsilon Galaxy.[1]

When Clan Steel Viper launched a massive attack on Tamaron in December 3074, the Spirit in the Sky was stationed alongside the Relentless Pursuit in the Kirin system, and so escaped destruction at the hands of the naval forces led by the Leviathan Prime-class CSV Perigard Zalman and was subsequently joined by the two Coyote naval vessels that managed to escape from Tamaron.[2]

Spirit in the Sky would subsequently meet the Clan Blood Spirit WarShip CBS Exsanguine in battle in 3082 after the Blood Spirits bid the crippled WarShip in their defense; the Exsanguine was destroyed by the Spirit in the Sky in the resulting battle.[3]

The Spirit in the Sky was one of only three WarShips left in the Coyote touman by 3085, at which point it was undergoing repairs at the Kirin shipyard.[2]


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