Sponson Turret


Sponson Turrets were experimental piece of equipment that is available to combat and support vehicles. Mounted in pairs, Sponson Turrets allow designers to put weapons in small turrets on the side of the vehicle rather than in a fixed side facing. This allows the vehicle equipped with Sponson Turrets to fire the side weapons in a 180 degree arc instead of the standard 60 degree arc.

To offset this advantage, the Sponson Turret weighs ten percent of the weapons it carries.[1] This weight might be valuable when armoring the unit and sorely missed.

Though Sponson Turrets are mounted in pairs, the weapons in the two turrets do not need to be identical. It is possible to mount a PPC in one Sponson Turret and a Medium Laser in the other, for example. (The Maxim Flanker provides one example of this.)

The Sponson Turrets were experimental technology until 3079, where it enter mass production to various powers.[2]


Game Rules[edit]

Sponson Turrets are not armored separately and are considered to be part of the vehicle's side armor. They weigh ten percent of the weapons they carry (excluding power amplifiers, ammunition, and targeting systems) rounded up to the nearest half ton. Though mounted in pairs, the two turrets don't need to have the same equipment. The 180 degree field of fire for each Sponson Turret will overlap directly in front of and behind the vehicle. Sponson Turrets are available to ground combat and support vehicles as well as VTOL vehicles, but not airships, fixed wing units or satellites. Sponson Turrets cannot be jammed. Weapons in a sponson turret are considered side mounted weapons for critical hit resolution.[1]


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