Spreading The Glories Incorporated

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Spreading The Glories Incorporated is an arts and entertainment company within in the Draconis Combine[1].

Company Profile[edit]

Home Office: Cho, Minakuchi

President/CEO: Count Harutomo De Sorrentelli (Circa 3025)


Spreading The Glories produces and distributes art, holos, and films throughout the Draconis Combine. A majority of their titles are war movies and morally instructive romances for the civilians of the Combine.

As of 3025, Spreading The Glories has taken a cue from imported films from the other Successor States and branched out into musicals and horror movies. Its greatest hit in 3025 was a horror film called The Attack of the Polymer-Coated Man. The company's musicals combine pageantry and sentimental salutes to loyalty, honor, family love and collectivism.

In a rare feat for a Combine company, Spreading The Glories has exported several works beyond the borders of the Combine. This has led to the Marik joke that you cannot tell the difference between the firm's horror films or their musicals.[2]


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