Srin Odessa

Srin Odessa
Affiliation DeLon Stables

Srin Odessa was a competitor in the Solaris VII championships for House Kurita leaning DeLon Stables.[1]


Srin Odessa defeated unbeaten rising star Garret, a former Clan Smoke Jaguar warrior fighting for Blackstar Stables, shortly after the Great Refusal.[2]

At the start of the 3062 season, Odessa was ranked tenth in the Solaris Top Twenty.[1] During the Riots of 3062, Odessa was among those warriors who took to the streets. [3] She would be among the twelve surviving members of the Top Twenty alive following the riots who refused calls for an immediate resumption of the 3062 Grand Tournament, badly injured during the riots she would require the use of a prosthetic leg. [2]

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In MechWarrior 4: Mercenaries Srin Odessa is one of the named combatants that the player-character Spectre defeats during his run in thew Solaris Grand Tournament. Duncan Fisher reports that she placed tenth in the 3062 Grand Tournament. [4]

Srin was known to pilot four different BattleMechs, one for each weight class in the tournament. Her Assault-class Mech was a Daishi loaded with 6 Clan Ultra AC-2's "AutoCannon", 3 on the left-torso and 3 on the right-torso she also had no "LAMS" and a "Heavy Gauss Rifle" on the center-torso.

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