St. Michael

St. Michael
Vessel Profile
Type DropShip


The St. Michael was a DropShip of unspecified class in service to the Word of Blake. It brought precentor Raul Tinker and a number of recruits from Terra to Robinson in late 3071.

Implicitly a relatively large vessel that carried Tinker's Grigori and at least five other MechWarriors, implicitly with their BattleMechs, the St. Michael was packed to the brim with supplies to the point of transporting two crates of machine gun ammunition in Tinker's stateroom. It features an apparently spacious mess hall and is equipped with at least five combat simulator pods for 'Mech combat training.[1]

Although the exact class of the St. Michael is not mentioned, circumstantial evidence suggests it is a military vessel, and a relatively large one at that, possibly an Overlord or Excalibur.


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