Standard Landmine


Standard Land Mines are autonomous explosives detonated by activation of simple pressure plates.[1] Anti-personnel land mines are set off by the weight of anything heavier than a small child, and deal damage primarily through shrapnel and concussive force. Anti-vehicle mines will only be detonated by the massive weight of combat vehicles or BattleMechs, utilizing a shaped-charge explosive to penetrate their target.[2] Other types of mines include alternative fillers such as high explosive, smoke, gas and inferno. Most modern land mines are designed to become inert after a given period for humanitarian purposes.[3]



Item: Mine, Standard
Equipment Rating: B/A-A-A/E
Armor Piercing/Base Damage: (E)
Cost: 50
Mass: 500g
Notes: +4 to Detonation Check vs Hovercraft; May Not Attack Jumping Units Overhead


In total warfare play, standard landmines detonate on a 7+ for the densest minefields but will only detonate vs hover vehicles on a 12.


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