Stapleton's Iron Hand

Stapleton's Iron Hand
Unit Profile (as of 3028)
Parent Formation St. Ives Armored Cavalry
Formed 2986

Stapleton's Iron Hand was a regiment in service to the Capellan Confederation up until the Fourth Succession War.


Chancellor Liao awards Pavel Ridzik with command of the Stapleton's Iron Hand in 2991 for assisting him in gaining the Chancellorship.[1] The Colonel relinquished his command of the Prefectorate Guard, and transferred to his new command.

During the Fourth Succession War the unit took moderate casualties in the failed defense of Tikonov. During that fighting, they faced elements of the 6th Crucis Lancers.[2] The remnants became later part of the 2nd Republican.

During the Fourth Succession War Pavel Ridzik wanted to move Stapleton's Iron Hand up and use it as the core of a counterattack into the Federated Suns. This proved to be impossible.[3]


Unit Emblem[edit]

Three blue diamonds impaled on a katana blade against white field.

Composition History[edit]


Stapleton's Iron Hand (Regiment/Regular/Reliable) [5]

Primary BattleMech unit. Consisting of primary Ostscout & Warhammer BattleMechs.[6]


Game Rules[edit]


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