Star Python

Star Python was the name incorrectly given for one of the BattleMechs featuring in the color art plates of the 1992 ComStar sourcebook along with the similarly misnamed Galahad and the Grand Crusader, all three of which were featured in the art for a BattleTech game released for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

Elsewhere in the same ComStar sourcebook, the Star Python´s name was changed to the canonically "correct" official name Raijin (and the Galahad´s name was changed to Nexus). Technical Readout: 3055 Upgrade refers to their respective successor designs as the Raijin II and the Nexus II.

The name Star Python has not been used anywhere since.
The name Galahad was re-used for an entirely different 'Mech (the Inner Sphere´s name for the Glass Spider, after its Star League era predecessor design).