Vessel Profile
Type DropShip


The Starblade was a DropShip of unspecified class. In June 3023 it was brought to the Quentin system from Nirasaki with the JumpShip Okomaru, ferrying Minobu Tetsuhara to Quentin IV on 13 June as well as Sho-sa Gensei Terasu and Sho-sa Brett Hawken of the First and Seventh Sword of Light regiment, respectively.[1]

That Tetsuhara transferred to the Starblade from a commercial DropShip suggests it to be a military vessel, possibly associated with one of the Sword of Light regiments. It carried and later deployed at least one 'Mech lance, suggesting it to be a 'Mech carrier DropShip.[2]

At the time, the Starblade was already a hundred years old, and its intercom system had failed.[3]


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