Starlight Stables

Starlight Stables
Colors/Badge silver and blue
Stable Profile
Experience Elite
Rating AA
Faction Affiliation Federated Suns
Units Used
BattleMechs 21 (3067)


[edit] Description

The stables is the other of two stables with the highest ranking available. All mechwarriors get a fair treatment

[edit] History

After a series of downs the stables returned on the street of success. During the Civil War the mechwarrior was allowed to join the pro Davion alliance.

[edit] Operations

[edit] Leadership

  • Tran Ky Bo - A superb business man and has lead the Stable from success to success.

[edit] Notable Personnel

  • Toyomo Oga make his work favor and let his agressions out in the daily kendo training.
  • Michael Romney - A former Solaris Champion and after he retirement began to work for Tran Ky Bo

[edit] Tactics and Style

[edit] Facility

The Stable has a facility located in Solaris City. In the base is a small arena, barracks and a underground repair bay for modifications on the mechs.

[edit] Notes

[edit] Game Notes

[edit] References

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  • Solaris VII - Game Master book, p. 22

[edit] Bibliography