Starlight Stables

Starlight Stables
Colors/Badge silver and blue
Stable Profile
Experience Elite
Rating AA
Faction Affiliation Federated Suns
Units Used
BattleMechs 19 (3051)
21 (3067)


The stables is the other of two stables with the highest ranking available. All mechwarriors get a fair treatment.[1]


After a series of downs the stables returned on the street of success. During the Civil War the mechwarrior was allowed to join the pro Davion alliance. The Stable has several issues with another Davion Stable: Blackstar Stables‎‎.[1]


Stablemaster & Owner[edit]

  • Tran Ky Bo is a superb business man and has lead the Stable from success to success.[1]

Notable Personnel[edit]


  • Toyomo Oga is the Master Tech of the Stables. He make his works as best as he can, and let his aggression out in the daily kendo training.[1]


  • Michael Romney - A former Solaris Champion and after he retirement began to work for Starlight Stables.[1]


In 3051 21 Mechwarriors were fighting for Starlight Stables.[2]

Known Mechwarriors[edit]

Tactics and Style[edit]


The Stable has a facility located in Solaris City. In the base is a small arena, barracks and a underground repair bay for modifications on the mechs.


Game Notes[edit]


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