Steel Wolves Corp

Name of Mercenary Unit
Unit Profile (as of 3135)
CO Star Colonel Nikola Demos
JumpShips No
DropShips Unknown
Aerospace No
Armor Yes
Infantry Yes


Formed in late 3135 by former Steel Wolves Star Colonel Nikola Demos, who led her mixed Armor and Infantry Cluster into mercenary service after the original Steel Wolves split.

Star Colonel Demos took Galaxy Commander Anastasia Kerensky's words about expanding what it meant to be a Wolf to heart, and so decided to register her Armor Cluster as a mercenary unit on Galatea.

The Corp's first contract was with the former Republic world of Laiaka. They arrived in November 3135, introducing themselves as the Steel Wolves Corp, to Planetary Governor Jayson Zeander and Planetary Legate Leigh Bahram. The Governor was put off at first and felt the Steel Wolves Corp were misrepresenting themselves. He thought they were the original Steel Wolves gone into mercenary service. However, Demos managed to convince him that she and her unit would be able complete the contract within seven weeks.

Working closely with Captain Roost of the Laiaka Militia and his pair of infantry companies equipped for the toxic atmosphere of the planet, they planned to take the city of Yaleston with a three-pronged attack from underground tunnels as well as a surface assault using their hover vehicles.

The attack got under way in January 3136. The unit initially confronted three medium BattleMechs. The Demos's force with Laiaka's (Clad in Envirnomental PAL armor) infantry handing in nets, commenced their attack on "pirates". The battle turned ugly as 'Mechs began taking out tanks with their cargos. After unloading infantry in proximity of the city, Corp surface forces concentrated more on the towers and 'Mechs. As the situation for "pirates" turned desperate, one of the 'Mechs turned and fired on the domed city, exposing its inhabitants to the toxic atmosphere.

In response to this action, all the tanks of the Steel Wolves Corp fired on the 'Mech by Star Colonel Demos's order destroying it and its MechWarrior without mercy.

Later it discovered that Yaleston was not in fact captured by pirates but was in rebellion and had hired mercenaries to protect themselves from Governor Zeander.

After returning to Bunker City, Star Colonel Demos accused the Governor of lying and being foolish try to put blame of the city's destruction on her and her people. She demanded her payment for rendering services. Legate Bahram convinced the Governor to give in.

Out of disgust over the way the government duped them and the mercenaries into attacking their own people, Captain Roost and the 1st & 2nd infantry Companies of the Geir Regiment, Laiaka Planetary Militia resigned.

Star Colonel Demos, after getting know them over time of training and mission accepted them providing they pass trials to enter service with the Corp.


  • Star Colonel Nikola Demos
  • Star Captain Rhondan
  • Star Captain Taylor
  • Captain Roost


Operate primarily by Clan rules of Engagement unless ordered otherwise.


Bellona Hover Tanks, ten Condors, Odin Scout Tanks, SM1 Tank Destroyers,

Clan Foot Infantry, Two Inner Sphere Foot Infantry Companies