Stephen Liao

Stephen Edward Liao (b. 2398[1] - d. 2450[2]) of House Liao nobility, politician, Duke of St. Lorient, and fifth Chancellor of the Capellan Confederation. He was also the 4th Duke of Liao.


Son of Arden Liao and nephew of Chancellor Aleisha Liao, Stephen Liao was Duke of St. Lorent when he came into power as Chancellor. The young Duke felt that his predecessor Arden Baxter had run the CCAF into ineffectiveness. He felt that the CCAF would be unable to overcome the challenges he saw on the horizon. Chancellor Liao, or sometimes known as "Sir Stephen" committed to a complete re-organization of the CCAF.

The re-organization, which he personally had hand in, was long and thorough process. He wanted the army to be the best equipped and best fed in the Inner Sphere. He wanted to improve the army's morale and fighting skills.

The future development of the Overlord and Union Class DropShips can be traced to his re-organization of military in 2430s. He invested heavily into the Maskirovka to make it a more effective organization.

However, Sir Stephen's investments into the army cost the nobility of his era considerable wealth. While rest of his nation average citizen's quality of life suffered with poor education, heavy taxes and new universal ceiling for all wages paid to them.

During his reign, he was viewed as egotistical man who only focused his efforts in developing his "pet" army. His reign ended when he succumbed to bad case of pneumonia.[2]

Family & Legacy[edit]

Stephen had two children, daughter Jasmine Liao and son Duncan.

Titles & Positions[edit]

Preceded by
Kurnath Liao
Duke of Liao

Succeeded by
Duncan Liao

Preceded by
Arden Baxter
Chancellor of the Capellan Confederation

Succeeded by
Duncan Liao


  • In the original text from sourcebook, cites him having his efforts creating the Union and Overlord class DropShips which were, in canon, produced hundred years later.
  • In the original text, St. Lorient is cited as name of world he had come from, however the its is believed this was typo in the article describing his reign, due to the original book's Planet Guide not listing world, but its spelling similar to St. Loris.


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