Storm Inhibitor


Storm Inhibitors are weather-control devices commonly used by the Star League. Initially developed by the Terran Hegemony for use in terraforming, they were used by the Hegemony to gain influence over the other, less advanced states. When the Star League fell, the knowledge to create or maintain the Storm Inhibitors was lost and they became lostech. The few Inhibitors which have survived are entirely useless, lacking the appropriate spare parts or knowledge to fix them.[1]

Each Storm Inhibitor was a giant orbiting mirror which was able to reflect heat onto a planet's surface. The reflected heat could be used to reduce the severity of a storm system or create high-pressure areas to redirect it. The heat could also be used to warm the planet, or regions of it, for purposes such as melting polar ice caps to increase the amount of liquid water.[1]

Planets with Storm Inhibitors[edit]

The following planets were mentioned to have (or have had) storm inhibitors installed in orbit:


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