Striker (BattleMech role)

Striker is a battlefield role performed by certain models of 'Mechs, primarily those that are relatively fast and equipped with heavy, close-range weaponry.[1]


Strikers are generally fast BattleMechs, second only to Scouts, and armed with what would be considered a loadout of heavy, close-in weapons. In their strike role, they run in to face the enemy units and then let loose with as much firepower as they can unleash quickly. Generally operating in lance formations with other Strikers, they'll attack one designated target until it is removed as a battle-capable unit. While often costly in 'Mechs, these bold tactics often favor significant damage to the enemy.[1]

When operating in a mixed-role formation, Strikers are best paired with heavier units (such as Skirmishers) that can still keep in weapons range, to provide the needed support or to take advantage of the open target the Striker has provided. Movement is the Striker's key advantage, taking care to utilize cover as much as possible until they have closed to short or medium range with their target.[1]

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