Vessel Profile
Type JumpShip


In 2463 the LCS Stringfire was one of the many JumpShips assembled as transport vessels for the Lyran Commonwealth military offensive known as the Long March, the most ambitious military action to be conducted by the Lyran military up to that point in history. The Stringfire was transporting three battalions of infantry and their equipment ready for the campaign when it and another troop-carrying JumpShip, the LCS Evereft, experienced a devastating jump accident.[1]

Both ships had failed to maintain the minimum safe distance from each other prior to attempting to jump, something that was discovered only after the jump energies had begun building. Despite the crews of both ships desperately trying to move apart, but the engines on the two ships began interacting; as the other ships within the fleet watched helplessly, the two ships were turned inside out in a massive jump distortion before vanishing; all that arrived at the jump destination from either ship was some scrap and a few items of grisly debris.[1]


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