Summer's Storm

Summer's Storm
Unit Profile (as of 3079)
Aerospace yes

Summer's Storm was a specialized aerospace-based mercenary unit.


From 3064 to 3067 Summer's Storm were employed by the Taurian Concordat alongside Vandelay's Valkyries to safeguard the anti-spinward border and watch the Calderon Protectorate and pirate groups from Pirate's Haven, in conjunction with the V Corps (Taurian Concordat),[1] or possibly as part of it as the V Corps was a purely mercenary corps until ca. 3064.[2]

As of 3079 the unit was mentioned as one of two units (the other being McFadden's Sky Riders) under long-term contract to corporate interests in the Draconis Combine such as DropShip and JumpShip yards and repair facilities, with clauses in their contract to put them under DCMS command if the need should arise.[3]


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