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This summary article lists minor mercenary units from the BattleTech universe, sorted alphabetically. For the purpose of this list, a unit is considered "minor" if insufficient information about it is available in canonical sources to warrant its own article, and/or if it was only mentioned on the sidelines. Finally, this list can be used as a stopgap to collect data on a unit until enough information was published to warrant the creation of a fully-fledged article instead.

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Burning Tygers[edit]

  • Mercenary unit employed by Stefan Amaris to garrison Helen; the Tygers ransacked the extensive community of artists on the planet and murdered upwards of 100,000 civilians during the occupation of the world.
  • Source: Historical: Liberation of Terra Volume 1, p. 88, "Empire Building And Bloody Excesses"

Burrow's Crashing Thunder Regiment[edit]

Cady's Regiment[edit]

Carlton's Brigade[edit]

  • A mercenary unit stationed on the Sarna Supremacy world of Kaifeng when it was attacked by Warrior House Hiritsu in 3057. Of the two companies of 'Mechs defending the planet, two lances were associated with Ace Darwin's WhipIts while Jacob's Juggernauts fielded roughly a company of 'Mechs. This left approximately one lance of 'Mechs, possibly even none at all, that were contributed by Carlton's Brigade. The unit's fate is unknown, although the mercenaries on Kaifeng generally fared better than the regular defenders and negotiated for standard terms of withdrawal after being defeated.
  • Source: Binding Force

Carter's Chevaliers[edit]

Cochraine's Greencoats[edit]

Corey's Cavaliers[edit]

Crazy Eights[edit]

1st Cunningham's Commandos[edit]

2nd Cunningham's Commandos[edit]

Daemian's Destroyers[edit]

  • A mercenary unit that was employed with House Kurita that unsuccessfully attacked Lincoln in 2802. Despite repeated pleas to be allowed to surrender, they were given no quarter by their Capellan opponents.
  • Source: House Liao, p. 82

Daggers of Death[edit]

  • A unit under contract to House Kurita in 3027, with two understrength companies of BattleMechs. The Daggers took part in the defense of Scheat against a Davion raiding force.
  • Source: BattleTechnology 0102, p. 26-33

Death's Head Corps[edit]

  • A small mercenary unit led by Mackie Smythe, piloting a Cataphract; first and last contract ended when the bulk of the unit was destroyed fighting for Prince Victor Steiner-Davion against the planetary militia on Halfway on 12 May 3064. Only four of the twenty-four members survived the first day of battle, and those four were infantry.
  • Source: Ants (short story)

Desert Wind[edit]

  • The Desert Wind mercenary cadre consisted of an ad hoc collection of vehicle crews present at one of the battles around the outskirts of Cairo on the 1st of January 3079; the Desert Wind was demoralised at the time, having recently lost their commander in previous fighting.
  • Source: Jihad: Final Reckoning, p. 64, Chaos Undaunted: Blowtorch

Dry River Devils[edit]

  • In House Davion employ on Tsamma when Warrior House Ijori raided the world in 3003. The mercenaries were forced to surrender and turn over their 'Mechs to the victorious Warrior House.
  • Source: House Davion, p. 94

Edom's Bandits[edit]

  • A mercenary unit in employ of House Marik that attempted to occupy Sirius in 2810 and was wiped out after a week-long slugfest. Besides 'Mechs, a number of heavy tanks were salvaged "from the wreck of Edom's Intruders" [sic].
  • Source: House Liao, p. 78


  • A legendary mercenary unit formed by former Draconis Combine Talon Sergeant Jur Sturlaugson and Katrina Reban, who had worked as a prostitute for most of her 28 years in a Kurita brothel. In 2825, the unlikely couple met and fell in love just hours before the start of a raid on Udibi, as members of a Draconis Combine "chain-gang", misfits who were unknowingly sent on suicidal assault missions. The attack by two lances of dilapidated 'Mechs fell apart quickly, but Sturlaugson fought bravely to save Reban whose Stinger was cornered by a Davion Marauder. His heroism and motives impressed the Davion soldiers who informed their superiors, who in turn brought the story before both the media and the Prince. When Prince Paul Davion learned that Sturlaugson had fallen out with the Combine over his refusal to participate in the Kentares Massacre the couple was immediately granted citizenship in the Federated Suns. They went on to serve the AFFS and later formed their own mercenary unit, the Ever-Free, whose symbol was a broken chain. The exploits of this unit became a popular part of legend in the Federated Suns.
  • Source: House Davion, p. 69

Falkener's Hussars[edit]

  • A newly raised mercenary unit employed by House Davion that unsuccessfully tried to seize the underground supply depot on New Hessen two days before Christmas 3002; they were able to inflict heavy damage on the defenders nevertheless.
  • Source: House Liao, p. 82

The Ferris Wolverines[edit]

The Fire Lizards[edit]

Fire Masters[edit]

  • Led by Marauder pilot Cpt. Max Masterson, who piloted the 3D variant. The unit attacked the General Motors factory on Salem on 20 August 3019, but were repulsed with the loss of a Phoenix Hawk and, it is implied, Masterson’s Marauder. Unit strength was at least 2 lances.
  • Souce: HexPack Promotion 1 PDF file

The Flying Buttresses[edit]

  • A mercenary unit whose strength was less than a regiment. They possessed their own transportation, which combined with their insignificance, allowed them to survive the Jihad.
  • Source: Jihad: Final Reckoning, p. 120, "New Faces"

The Foul-Tempered[edit]

  • A mercenary unit whose strength was less than a regiment. They possessed their own transportation, which combined with their insignificance, allowed them to survive the Jihad.
  • Source: Jihad: Final Reckoning, p. 120, "New Faces"

Freeman's Fanatics[edit]

  • A mercenary unit in employ of House Steiner that lost four Ostsols in an unsuccessful attack on Westphalia at some time after 2805 (implied to have occurred prior to 2944).
  • Source: House Liao, p. 83

Gannon's Cannons[edit]

  • A mercenary unit whose strength was less than a regiment. They possessed their own transportation, which combined with their insignificance, allowed them to survive the Jihad.
  • Source: Jihad: Final Reckoning, p. 120, "New Faces"
  • In 3145, Gannon's Cannons strength was one battalion and they were lead by Major Gannon Derer II. In that year they were employed by the Lyran Commonwealth, and deployed on York.
  • Source: Field Manual: 3145, p. 182
  • Note: Gannon's Cannons is a unit named for Gannon D, the son of a Catalyst Demo Agent/Playtester/Fact Checker which was subsequently canonized. Detail on the real-world history of the unit and its canonization can be found on the Catalyst Game Labs forum.

Gladstone's Gladiators[edit]

  • A mercenary unit that broke with House Liao over a contract dispute in 2761 and threatened to destroy the munitions dump and water purification facilities on the world of Hsien if their demands were not met. When the munitions depot was retaken by Capellan troops the Gladiators abandoned the planet, and were subsequently hunted by the Confederation for a full 40 years. In 2802 a Capellan force ambushed the Gladiators upon their arrival on the Marik world of Zion and destroyed them to the last man.
  • Source: House Liao, p. 82

Gordon's Highland Light[edit]

Gotterdammerung Society[edit]

  • A small tank mercenary unit that was in service of minor House Steiner nobles during the Ronin Wars of 3034. The unit was involved in fighting with renegade Draconis Combine units operating on Gunzburg. Elements of the unit were involved in ambushing famed Rasalhague officer Tor Miraborg. The unit was shattered and thought to be lost on planet.
  • In 3036, surviving units of the Gotterdammerung were operating with guerrilla units on Gunzburg which resulted in crippling Tor Miraborg.
  • The unit was noted for its artillery support elements.
  • Source: Historical: Brush Wars, p. 96-97; 142

Greenhaven Gestapo[edit]

  • Mercenary unit in the employ of Stefan Amaris during the Amaris Civil War. Responsible for security in Rome on Terra; arrested Pope Clement XXVII after he refused to denounce and identify priests encouraging their congregations to resist Amaris. The unit plundered or destroyed art and architecture around Rome and subsequently murdered Clement XXVII and the Council of Cardinals for failing to pay a ransom for their freedom.
  • Source: Historical: Liberation of Terra Volume 1, p. 87-88, "Empire Building And Bloody Excesses"
  • Given the continent to rule due to their loyalty to Stefan Amaris, they encouraged anarchy in most of the major cities. The city of Naples was an example of what they fostered. As anarchy as the ruler, gangs began to rise which led to gang warfare. This warfare was encouraged by the unit which dangled the possibility of joining the Gestapo to those that fostered viciousness and ingenuity.
  • During Operation LIBERATION, the 6th Army invaded the country. The division sized Gestapo never had a chance to beat the Star League Defense Force, but they were able to deal significant physical and mental damage on the 6th Army. Dug-into the mountains, they were able to shell the SLDF with conventional and gas shells. The gas shells used at the start were tear and smoke shells, but they eventually turned to chemical rounds consisting of sarin and VX shells which caused the soldiers to die an agonizing death. With the use of the chemical weapons, Kerensky ordered the WarShips to protect the 6th Army and fire on any Gestapo unit regardless of where they were. Civilian casualties were deemed acceptable to save the army from any future chemical attacks. The rest of the unit was destroyed outside the city of Ferrara on 24 March 2777.
  • Source: Historical: Liberation of Terra Volume 2, p. 76-77, "The Landings: Naples and Italy"

Griffin's Pride[edit]

  • Griffin's Pride was a 2 battalion sized mercenary unit lead by Colonel Adela Griffin in 3145. In that year, they were employed by the Free World's League and deployed on Escobas. Griffin's Pride were an "E"-rated unit operating at sixty percent of full strength.
  • Source: Field Manual: 3145, p. 182

Gustafson's Grenadiers[edit]

The Hard Riders[edit]

  • A mercenary unit in House Davion's employ on Quentin during a raid by Wolf's Dragoons in June 3023. The Hard Riders, along with the local militia forces, were lured away from their base in Fasolht by Dragoon maneuvering and diversionary attacks against the city of Carson, leaving only elements of the Snake Stompers to defend against the inevitable attack. No other mention is made of them at that time.
  • Source: Wolves on the Border, p. 73

Hal's Heinous Halberds[edit]

  • Part of a massed mercenary force sent to attack Gienah in September 3068 by one Mr. Askai, allegedly from the Free Worlds League. The power plant of their Gazelle-class DropShip failed, stranding the mercenaries at Gienah's nadir Jump Point for roughly a week during which time additional mercenary arrivals mistakenly caused combat among the various mercenary groups. The Halberds evaded any damage by surrendering early on, and un-surrendered when the misunderstanding was cleared up. However, the entire planetary assault was subsequently plagued with mistrust and bad feelings among the mercenary commands, and despite weak defenses the attackers suffered heavy losses and were tied up long enough for reinforcements to bolster the defenders. Only a few mercenaries survived to retreat.
  • Source: Blake Ascending, p. 196

Helmut's Legion[edit]

  • A mercenary unit active in 3145, Helmut's Legion was lead by Colonel Lauren Helmut. They were employed by the Lyran Commonwelath, and deployed on Ciotat, Furillo, and Trent.
  • Source: Field Manual: 3145, p. 182

Hexare Grenadiers[edit]

  • The Hexare Grenadiers defended the Hollis Incorporated plant on Corey at some point in 3080 or 3081 from a raiding party of Blakist forces, defeating the raiders before they could completely destroy the plant.
  • Source: Jihad: Final Reckoning, p. 100, Liao Commonality
  • In or around 3079 the Hexare Grenadiers found a Blakist Level II on Oporto and called in the Qanatir Melissia Theater Militia to help wipe them out.
  • Source: Field Report: LAAF, p. 18, "Mercenaries"

Holt's Hilltoppers[edit]

  • A mercenary unit whose strength was less than a regiment. They possessed their own transportation, which combined with their insignificance, allowed them to survive the Jihad.
  • Source: Jihad: Final Reckoning, p. 120, "New Faces"
  • Took part in the Victoria War on behalf of the Federated Suns, having recently left Capellan service; having possibly reached regiment size (based on references to a Champion Battalion) they defeated Lethal Injection in the Perpetual Forest on Jacson.
  • Source: Technical Readout: 3145 Mercenaries, p. 26, "Koshi (Standard)"

Hudson's Legion[edit]

Illician Rangers[edit]

Insect Brigade[edit]

Jarl's Jaegers[edit]

  • A mercenary unit in employ of House Marik that participated in an attack on Northwind in 2865. They were driven off, suffering heavy casualties.
  • Source: House Liao, p. 81

Jureck's Jaegers[edit]

  • A mercenary unit which served a single tour in the Lyran Commonwealth before accepting a contract on the Outworlds Alliance world of Risin. They were destroyed on Risin in 3035 by the pirate band, the Blades of Death, who enslaved the surviving members of the Jaegers and stole the lostech cache the Jaegers had been guarding.
  • Sources: Mercenaries Supplemental II, p. 39, "Green Mountain Boys: Live Free Or Die"

Kashmir Krusaders[edit]

  • In the winter of 3056, Aeril Klemenski complained during a seminar on Outreach that his lance-sized mercenary unit had fallen on hard times after accepting their most recent contract from the Free Worlds League for a probing raid against Sacrado Industries on Campertown. They encountered stiff resistance, as Field Marshal Nondi Steiner was overseeing the development of new communication devices there. The Krusaders suffered heavy damage to three 'Mechs (including damage to the left leg of Klemenski's Enforcer), withdrew and were then stranded on Harsefeld until they could raise the money to proceed to Outreach.
  • Source: BattleTech Compendium: Rules of Warfare, p. 98

Kelly's Killers[edit]

  • A mercenary unit that was employed by House Kurita. They were effectively destroyed by the Federated Suns when the Suns invaded the planet of New Mendham. The survivors of the invasion went on to pay off their debts to their employer by serving with the Legion of Vega when they met up with them on the 11th of December 3027.
  • Source: Heir to the Dragon, p. 118

Kergawa's Blood Lances[edit]

  • A mercenary unit in the employ of House Davion that was destroyed in three days of combat by the massed fire from the defending Hunchbacks and Orions on Tikonov in 2834.
  • Source: House Liao, p. 80

King's Commandos[edit]

Kingston's Commandos[edit]

Kouki no Otakebi[edit]

  • The Kouki no Otakebi are a company sized or smaller mercenary unit created after the Jihad.
  • Source: Jihad: Final Reckoning, p. 120, "New Faces"
  • The Kouki no Otakebi is made up of former DCMS personnel from units destroyed during the Jihad, including but not limited to the 16th Legion of Vega, the 3rd Dieron Regulars and the Ryuken-go. Every member of the unit in 3079 had served in the DCMS, and as a result the Combine government had not objected to Luthien Armor Works hiring the Kouki no Otakebi to garrison new and existing facilities along the border with the Outworlds Alliance.
  • Source: Field Report: DCMS, p. 20, "Mercenaries"
  • During the Second Combine-Dominion War, the Draconis Combine had signed up the unit to garrison the world of Meilen. In September 17th, 3099. Clan Ghost Bear had dispatched Fourth Kavalleri Cluster take the planet. Kouki no Otakebi devised plan to wage guerrilla conflict with the large Ghost Bear force. When the Bear's forces arrived in system, they made it appear that the Kouki no Otakebi were withdrawing from the planet. After the Fourth Kavalleri established garrisons the planet's capital and spaceport, the Kouki no Otakebi began to execute their plan. Eventually the command took on a high-risk plan of concentrated their forces in a single attack verse their small unit actions they had conducted in the past two weeks. On the 30th, the attack on the garrison would prove be a failure, forcing the unit to surrender. The unit's officers would be executed by the Fourth Kavalleri.
  • Source: Historical: Wars of the Republic Era, p. 31 "Meilen".
  • By 3145, the Kouki no Otakebi were a battalion sized force. Still employed by the Draconis Combine they were deployed on Outer Volga, and lead by Tai-sa;; Grant Druganov.
  • Source: Field Manual: 3145, p. 182

Lafayette Legion (Pirate Band)[edit]

  • Composed of disgruntled Liao expatriates from Liberty who stole a JumpShip and some DropShips. They would go on to raid the Contard Mining Property on Acamar on the 8th of January 3068.
  • Source: Blake Ascending, p. 146

Lander's Lancers[edit]

  • A mercenary unit in employ of House Marik that attacked Tsamma in 2860. The Lancers' Griffins inflicted heavy losses on its defenders, but were defeated in the end by the McCormack's Fusiliers of the Northwind Highlanders, a Liao mercenary unit. In 2920 the Fusiliers gained a belated revenge through a surprise raid against the Lancers on Lopez that inflicted severe damage before the mercenaries could mount an effective resistance.
  • Source: House Liao, p. 80

Langford Wraiths[edit]

Laws Flight[edit]

Lennox's Longriders[edit]

Lola's Lights[edit]

  • A mercenary unit backed by House Marik who ended up holed up in the jungles of the Yucatan Peninsula on Terra for several months in 3078. They raided various TerraSec facilities for supplies in the belief that the Word of Blake still controlled the area. Finally stopped and brought back into the fold by Coalition forces at the end of January 3079 after being caught raiding a supply depot.
  • Source: Jihad: Final Reckoning, p. 66, "Chaos Undivided: Redondo"

Lone Wolves[edit]

  • A loose coalition of mercenary BattleMechs organized into individual lances. The unit composed of criminals, renegades, and inexperienced pilots trying to make a name for themselves. They are noted to have the uncanny ability to appear in the right spot for a fight. They fought for the Federated Suns in the campaign on Galtor III in 3025.
  • Source: The Galtor Campaign (sourcebook)

Los Chupacabras[edit]

  • A mercenary unit that took heavy damage - and was possibly destroyed - as a result of a failed raid on the Kallon Industries factories on Nanking while in the employ of the Senate Alliance in 3137.
  • Source: Technical Readout: 3145 Mercenaries, p. 8, "Gun Trailer"



Mathias's Forlorn Hope[edit]

  • A mercenary unit in employ of the Federated Suns in 3022, when they were on Rest & Relaxation on McHenry. They were surprised by an attack from McCarron's Armored Cavalry and over two thirds of the unit was destroyed before they realized what was happening and surrendered. They were able to gain their freedom, but at the cost of four new Crusaders.
  • Source: House Liao, p. 54

McFadden's Sky Riders[edit]

  • A mercenary unit that specializes in AeroSpace combat. In 3079, they were employed by corporations to protect their interests within the Draconis Combine.
  • Source: Field Report: DCMS, p. 20, "Mercenaries"
  • Appear to have become McFadden's Sky Storm by 3145; now a Veteran/Reliable "Aero Regt" under the command of Colonel Wade McFadden, under contract to the DCMS on Palmyra. A class C unit at 55% of full strength.
  • Source: Field Report: 3145, p. 182, "Notable Mercenary Forces"

Meriadoc’s Malcontents[edit]

Morcock's Crushers[edit]

Nathan's Irregulars[edit]

  • A mercenary unit in employ of House Marik that unsuccessfully attacked Ling in 2830, losing five Manticore tanks in the process.
  • Source: House Liao, p. 86

Ogoun's Machete[edit]

  • A mercenary unit indigenous to the world of Siendou; a result of the planetary prohibition on serving in a national military on religious grounds, Ogoun's Machete was manned by those practising warfare as a trade. In 3140 Ogoun's Machete saw action against a pirate band named the Hellion Harpies who struck at Siendou from the Deep Periphery.
  • Source: Technical Readout: 3145 Mercenaries, p. 32

Ozawa Informals[edit]

  • A mercenary lance under contract to the Draconis Combine in the early 31st century. They were deployed as border reinforcements against pirate raids out on the Combine’s Periphery frontier. One of their commanding officers was Donna Rollson.
  • Source: Technical Readout: 3025, p. 108

Pandora's Box[edit]

  • A mercenary unit who defeated a battalion-strong 'Mech force from the pirate unit known as the Hateful Survivors on Wisconsin in 3140.
  • Source: Technical Readout: 3145 Mercenaries, p. 26, "Koshi (Standard)"
  • In 3145, Pandora's Box was two battalions strong, and led by Colonel Wilhelmina Sturgeon. They were employed by the Free Worlds League and deployed on Asuncion. The command was a Regular/Reliable unit rated at a "D"-rating and operating at eighty percent of full strength.
  • Source: Field Manual: 3145, p. 182

Paul Bunyan Regiment[edit]

  • A MechWarrior regiment from the regular army and several Periphery realms. Working for House Kurita, they accepted a new procurement system in 2822 by which they would receive a pay increase so that they could buy supplies directly from the Procurement Division of the military. The supplies were overpriced, however, forcing the mercenaries to take on more missions which in turn increased their demands for the overpriced supplies, creating a vicious circle known as the Company Store. In 2825, while stationed on Zlatous, the Paul Bunyan Regiment was no longer being paid by House Kurita and eventually seized warehouses on Zlatous for food and supplies. In turn, the Coordinator ordered their DropShips destroyed and their JumpShips seized; he also sent the 5th and 9th Galedon Regulars to destroy the rebellious mercenaries who had dug in after losing their DropShips. Over the course of two months of vicious fighting that laid waste to much of the planet, the regiment was destroyed save for some mercenaries who seized a Kurita DropShip and escaped into the Periphery.
  • Source: House Kurita, p. 62

Pinky's Irregulars[edit]

  • An 11 'Mech mercenary unit under contract to the Word of Blake during the Jihad. Pinky's Irregulars attempted to break contract with the Blakists in 3073, and were destroyed in retaliation; the remains of 10 of the 11 'Mechs of Pinky's Irregulars were recovered from underneath the New Earth north polar ice cap by Skibinski's Salvage in the 3080s. Skibinski's Salvage also recovered the bodies of 8 MechWarriors.
  • Source: Technical Readout: 3085 Supplemental, p. 36, "Deployment"

Plague Boys[edit]

  • A mercenary unit mentioned to be employed by House Kurita between 2953 and 2963.
  • Source: House Kurita, p. 86

Potter's Pounders[edit]

  • A lance-strong mercenary unit (with a combined weight of 380 tons) employed by the Lyran Alliance as a part of the security forces assigned to the Ruins of Gabriel in 3076.
  • Source: Jihad Hot Spots, p. 37, "Rogue Bears Hit Odessa"

Randal's Wreckers[edit]

  • A small down on their luck lance-size mercenary unit, the Wreckers accepted a contract with a local planetary noble to raid his neighbor over the disputed deed for a factory and avenge his slighted honor. Their petty and arrogant employer felt to the need to taunt his enemy first however, with the Randal's Wreckers finding their target was defended by Tikonov Rangers, a fellow band of mercenaries the Wreckers were familiar with.
  • Source: Alpha Strike Quick Strike Rules, p. 22, "Scenarios - Veteran Scenario: Noble Feud"

Ravannion's Redemption[edit]

  • Mercenary unit who were joined in 3140 by three high-performing cadets from the St. Ives Academy of Martial Sciences who had vanished from the Academy under mysterious circumstances while on routine patrol in 3129.
  • Source: Technical Readout: 3145 Mercenaries, p. 26, "Notable Units"

Red Hell[edit]

  • Washed up in the employ of Stefan Amaris VII on New St. Andrews in 3057, after the Mercenary Review Board had banned them from employment by any House for savagery during a raid on a Word of Blake compound. Led by Captain Parker Don Hua, who was shot dead on 13 April 3057 by Stefan Amaris VII for insubordination when he refused to order his men to wear uniforms. The unit was then apparently merged into Amaris' forces.
  • Source: Star Lord (novel), p. 54

Redmond's Broadswords[edit]

  • A mercenary unit involved in Thaddeus Marik's Operation Killing Stroke, a planned invasion of the Lyran Commonwealth, in 2950. Only a truncated invasion plan was executed, which led to a costly and only slightly successful campaign of three years. The unit was sent to Loric as part of a major invasion force in 2971 that was worn down in a protracted fight when ordered to stay on the planet. Redmond's Broadswords were decimated to the point that they would never again constitute an effective fighting force. They were described as "since defunct" in a 3025 report.
  • Source: House Marik, p. 43, 44

Renfield's Renegades[edit]

  • While battling with the Lone Star Regiment on Epsilon Eridani in 3067 the Renegades and the LSR discovered a Star League Depot hidden within the Shamus Mountains which had been unearthed by the fighting. The Depot contained a Colossus DropShip in pristine condition, which both mercenary units laid claim to. Unwilling to compromise, both units fought until heavily damaged; the Lone Star Regiment was victorious, recovering both the DropShip and the battlefield salvage.
  • Source: Technical Readout: 3075, p. 198

Rianjamin's Avengers[edit]

  • A mercenary unit whose strength was less than a regiment. They possessed their own transportation, which combined with their insignificance, allowed them to survive the Jihad.
  • Source: Jihad: Final Reckoning, p. 120, "New Faces"

Salazar's Irregulars[edit]

Salicia's Defiants[edit]

Shady Ladies[edit]

  • A mercenary unit mentioned to be employed by House Kurita between 2953 and 2963.
  • Source: House Kurita, p. 86

Snake Stompers[edit]

Srec's Wrecks[edit]

  • A mercenary unit led by Captain Silvia Srec. While the unit served the Draconis Combine with distinction, Captain Srec complained in an interview in 2941 about employment difficulties, accusing the Combine of cheating and starving the mercenaries and expecting them to fight troops twice their size. In that same year she was killed in a barroom brawl by an off-duty Kurita Otomo member. By 2976 the unit was commanded by Captain Simon Chiu, and served House Marik. Following a night of drinking, Chiu and fellow mercenary commander Colonel Brigham Stanley, CO of Van Diemen's Demons, decided to seek other employment as House Marik had been reneging on their contracts. They agreed to join forces and occupy a periphery world, and fought a BattleMech duel to determine who would be in command of the joint venture. During the duel, a stray missile barrage from Stanley's Crusader killed half of the assembled mercenaries, while Stanley himself was killed in the crash when Chiu's Archer destroyed one of his 'Mech's legs. The mercenaries elected a new commander and went to work for the Capellan Confederation, while Simon Chiu joined McCarron's Armored Cavalry, with a demotion to Major.
  • Source: House Kurita, p. 62; House Marik p. 45

Star Warriors[edit]

A mercenary ’Mech regiment active in the early 31st century. The Star Warriors had worked for House Davion mainly, but accepted a short-term contract from Katrina Steiner that saw them participate in a strike on Ramsau in late 3027.

  • Source: BattleTechnology 0201, p. 12

Storm Riders[edit]

A mercenary company working for the Alfin Mining Corporation since ca. 3035. They have a thunderbolt emblem. They were sent to the periphery world of Kore, a mining world owned by Alfin, to recapture it from the Clans and defeated a Clan Steel Viper garrisoned on the planet. Although successful, they took heavy losses and were subsequently allowed to recruit from Kore's population; the world maintained a Storm Riders company within their garrison force, the Kore Lancers. As of 3060 the Storm Riders garrisoned several worlds including Kore.

Summer's Storm[edit]

Tamara's Black Sword[edit]

  • A mercenary unit in employ of House Davion that raided Carver V for munitions in 2846, but was beaten off. Noted as being more maneuverable than the defenders, inflicting heavy damage.
  • Source: House Liao, p. 78

Team Venom[edit]

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  • A mercenary unit that was effectively destroyed during a recon raid on a Draconis Combine world just prior to 10 May 3044 (the date when their DropShip returned to Outreach) when their DropShip took to orbit after retrieving only a single Commando. Unit CO Colonel Holly Harris was left behind in her Zeus which was then destroyed by the defending troops, leaving the unnamed Commando pilot (the player) the only survivor. If Team Venom had included any more 'Mechs then they were also destroyed.
  • Source: MechWarrior 2 Mercenaries (Intro sequence)

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Thompson's August Warriors[edit]

  • A mercenary unit that was created after the Jihad; their combat strength is no greater than a company.
  • Source: Jihad: Final Reckoning, p. 120, "New Faces"

Thor's Hammers[edit]

  • Commanded by Major Napoleon Hobart, the Thor's Hammers mercenary unit was stationed on Zanderij in January 3075 alongside Greenburg's Godzillas and the Tooth of Ymir. The Thor's Hammers helped defend Zanderij from an attack by Iota Galaxy; the Hammers had procured a number of Helepolis Artillery 'Mechs manufactured by VEST and used them to great effect in blocking the Jade Falcon attempts to break out from their landing zone. The Hammers had a "motley collection" of artillery-armed 'Mechs, arranged into Charlie Company and commanded by Captain Gustav Colt. Colt was a veteran artilleryman from the 12th Star Guards.
  • The collection of artillery-armed 'Mechs is described as being nicknamed "Hobart's Funnies." This is probably a homage to the various engineering, breaching, amphibious and other specialized tank variants operated by the British 79th Armoured Division during World War II, nicknamed "Hobart's Funnies" after their commander, Major General Percy Hobart.
  • Source: Technical Readout: 3075, p. 182, "HEP-2H Helepolis".
  • In 3145, the Thor's Hammers were commanded by Major Lars Trygvason, and of battalion size. They were employed by the Lyran Commonwealth, and deployed on Medellin. Thor's Hammers were a D-rated regular and reliable command, operating at eighty-five percent of full strength.
  • Source: Field Manual: 3145, p. 182

Tikonov Rangers[edit]

  • A small lance-strong mercenary unit, the somewhat pretentiously named Tikonov Rangers were hired to defend a local planetary noble from an imminent attack by the Randal's Wreckers, a merc unit with which the Rangers were familiar with.
  • Source: Alpha Strike Quick Strike Rules, p. 22, "Scenarios - Veteran Scenario: Noble Feud"

Tristram's Terrorists[edit]

Valentina's Armored Scouts[edit]

  • A mercenary unit in employ of House Davion. They were part of a force that attacked the Capellan world of Hsien in 2943.
  • Source: House Liao, p. 49

Vanderlay's Valkyries[edit]

  • A mercenary unit consisting of two battaltions in 3145, Vanderlay's Valkyries were lead by Colonel Dorine Echols. In that year they were employed by the Free World's League, and deployed on the worlds of Antipolo and Kwamashu.
  • Source: Field Manual: 3145, p. 182

Van Diemen Demons[edit]

  • A mercenary unit led by Colonel Brigham Stanley. Neglected by their employer, House Marik, they decided to seek other employment in 2976 and agreed to join forces with fellow mercenary unit Srec's Wrecks. Together they planned to occupy a Periphery world, and the commanders had a duel with their BattleMechs to determine who would be in command of the joint venture. During the duel, a stray missile barrage from Stanley's Crusader killed half of the assembled mercenaries, while Stanley himself was killed in the crash when Simon Chiun's Archer destroyed one of his 'Mech's legs. The mercenaries elected a new commander and went to work for the Capellan Confederation.
  • Source: House Marik p. 45

Vincent's Destroyers[edit]

  • A mercenary unit in employ of House Davion. Part of a force that attacked the Capellan world of Hsien in 2943.
  • Source: House Liao, p. 49

White Witches[edit]