Sumner Johns

Sumner Johns
Sumner Johns
Born 30??
Died 30??
Affiliation Clan Blood Spirit/Clan Wolf
Aerospace Fighter pilot

Sumner Johns (born 30?? - died 30??) was an abtakha warrior claimed from Clan Blood Spirit by Clan Wolf, serving as a Star Captain during Operation Revival.[1]


The Wolfman Cometh[edit]

Aerospace Fighter pilot Sumner Johns was an abtakha warrior taken from Clan Blood Spirit, an insular Clan whose warriors often enact bondsref at first opportunity when captured, rarely serving their new Clan and making Johns a somewhat rare figure among the Clans.[2] Taken during a Trial of Refusal that the Blood Spirits would go on to lose, Johns would also lose his right arm during the fight. Waiving a medically-grown substitute limb, he would instead opt for a prosthetic arm shaped like a wolf's paw, right down to the fur and nails, though also equipped with dexterous human-like digits. This, coupled with the fact that he was a stout-bodied warrior who also sported a full beard, earned for him the fitting nickname "Wolfman".[1]

Operation Revival[edit]

Commanding what was considered to be one of the top Aerospace Fighter Binaries, Johns would surprisingly see little action during the invasion of the Inner Sphere. As part of the Wolves' 3rd Battle Cluster, he would fight at Lovinac and Planting, while backing up Beta Galaxy during major campaigns on Sevren and Kobe. He would go on to fight on Tukayyid, escaping the conflict without injury while helping his Clan to achieve its goals against the Com Guards.[1][3][4]


Sumnner Johns piloted a Jagatai prime OmniFighter as of 3052.[4]


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