Sun Zhang MechWarrior Academy

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Sun Zhang Academy Cadre
Unit Profile (as of 3145)
Nickname unknown
Parent Formation DCMS
Formed unknown

The Sun Zhang Academy Cadres consists of graduates from the first phase of training from the Sun Zhang MechWarrior Academy. Their training continues as active duty in the Cadres. The students are evaluated after tours of duty that lasts nine months, after which those that pass graduate.[1]


Located on the Draconis Combine's original capital world of New Samarkand, the Sun Zhang MechWarrior Academy is particularly notable in that it graduates the most MechWarriors per year of any training facility in the Inner Sphere at over four hundred. The Academy also has an AeroSpace Fighter pilot program. It is considered the most prestigious military academy in the Draconis Combine and all of its graduates receive a daisho sword. The Sun Zhang MechWarrior Academy boasts Coordinator Theodore and his son Hohiro Kurita among its alumni.

Though traditionally the Academy trained only MechWarriors and AeroSpace Fighter pilots, the arrival of the Clans prompted the DCMS to add a course of study for Battle Armor infantry as well.[2]

After the Jihad the ISF and O5P added severe psychological and loyalty testing to their evaluations to prevent another Black Dragon Society coup.[3] During the Jihad the Thirteenth and Sixteenth Cadres were used along the Combine's border with Clan Ghost Bear. The Fifth was stationed on Kessel, and suffered heavy losses against the Word of Blake. The Fourteenth Cadre was effectively destroyed on Luthien, with the few survivors being drafted into the 1st Genyosha.[4]

As of 3145 the rigors of recent years has strained the Academy, the best cadets being whisked away to line units before they can serve in one of the Cadres. Though this meets the demands for units bulking out their forces, it starves these cadets of finishing their training. With the same orders to expand their rosters, the Academy has increased its enrolment tenfold. This has led to the creation of the 17th, 18th and 19th Cadres.

Units of the Sun Zhang Academy Cadre[edit]

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