Support PPC Power Pack


The Support PPC Power Pack is a specially-designed power pack built specifically to power the notoriously energy-hungry Support PPC. This power pack provides five times the charge of even a Clan military power pack, though at a weight of 25 kilograms it is also five times as heavy. While designed specifically for this role, the Support PPC Power Pack can be used to power any equipment which accepts standard packs, and with a simple field modification seven additional "outlets" can be attached to the pack to provide power for an entire squad's weaponry. Such modifications require sufficient technical skills and an inexpensive kit which includes five-meter long power cables for each user.[1]


Game Rules[edit]

Item:Support PPC Power Pack[1]
Equipment Rating: D/C/C
Cost: 750
Mass: 25kg
Affiliation: -
Power Capacity: 1500
Notes: Encumbering


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